• Free to Play MMO: No limits on skill, travel, or loot.
  • Land Ownership: Build anything you want on your own acre.
  • Customized Characters: Everyone can look unique.
  • Skill Based: You are not locked into a particular class or profession.
  • Non-Instanced Dungeons: Collect rare artifacts and loot.
  • Player Owned Vendors: Take a cut of the action.
  • Farming: Grow, harvest, use or sell your own crops.
  • Crafting: Build your own armor, brew or cook food and beverages.
  • Pet Breeding: Offspring inherit cosmetic and behavioral genes.
  • Pet Training: Shape your pet's behavior with reward and discipline.

New Beta Account Status: OPEN

The creation of new accounts is open until the end of the Beta 1 of the Phoenix server. Find out more about this whole new game world here!

Release Date: 02/22/2015
Download Size: 209 mb
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